Handmade Lokta Paper 200gsm


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    NEW COLOURS! Handmade in Nepal from a community enterprise whose central aim is to further the economic and physical health of its workers. Lokta paper is acid-free and immensely durable, with a characteristic sheen and texture. No trees are destroyed in its making, since the Daphne bush regenerates after stripping.

    The bark is boiled for 8 hours to break down and soften the strong fibre before sifting and blending into a smooth pulp. The pulp is poured into a mesh covered wooden frame and the skilled papermaker lifts and moves the screen to evenly distribute the pulp across the mesh. The moisture is then allowed to drain through the mesh and the frame is placed in the sunshine to dry.

    The slightly lumpy surface texture are the hallmarks of this handmade paper. The colour is achieved mainly from natural dyes (from plants and minerals) which are combined with the pulp. An added bonus is that the colour is a different shade on the reverse of the sheet due to sun bleaching during the drying process.

    Sheet size 56cm x 76cm, 200gsm. PLEASE NOTE, this is a handmade product and each sheet is unique, we recommend you order enough sheets to complete projects and we will endeavour to match each as closely as possible.