Calcium Carbonate / Whiting - 50g


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    50g Whiting / Calcium Carbonate. Used as a filler and white pigment for making artist paints and is also known as whiting. Combine with Refined Linseed Oil or Walnut Oil and add paste to oil paint to extend colours, or to thicken for impasto textures

    It is used to make traditional gesso for wood and other surfaces when combined with rabbit skin glue. As the gesso dries hard it is not flexible enough for use on canvas.

    In papermaking it provides an alkaline reserve which promotes acid-free archival qualities. It retards shrinkage in paper castings and makes for a smoother surface. In paper sheets it improves opacity and whiteness. Use 3-4% by weight of dry fibre, or 1% by weight of wet fibre. Add to water during papermaking and mix for several minutes. Stir evenly into pulp at the beginning of the cycle and soak overnight.