Papermaking Mould & Deckle - A4


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    The necessary equipment for making handmade paper. This A4 paper making mould (approx paper size 297 x 210mm) has tensioned nylon mesh and supporting deckle frame - and is the key to producing handmade paper.

    Here's How...

    • Hold the mould and deckle firmly together, mould side up, deckle on top.
    • Starting at the far side of the bowl, plunge them at 45 degrees into freshly blended pulp mixture, and gently draw them towards you, still under the surface, and turning until horizontal.
    • Lift the mould and deckle horizontally out of the bowl, allowing the water to drain through the mesh. Gently shake as you lift, side to side and back to front, to realign the fibres. The sheet is 90% water at this stage.
    • Remove the deckle and allow surplus water to drain away.
    • Place the long edge of the mould along the side of your couching cloth. Roll the wet pulp off onto the cloth in one confident movement.
    • Cover the paper with another couching cloth and press over night between two boards and newspapers.

    You can order the A4 couching cloth for use with this A4 size Mould & Deckle