The tools and materials for a number of printing techniques for transferring images onto fabric, paper and other surfaces can be ordered from this selection.

Block printing (also known as relief printing) is probably the most widely known method of creating prints. A printing block can be made from wood, rubber, linoleum and even potato. An image or pattern is sketched out onto the block and the parts of the design not intended for printing are cut away. To create the print it is necessary to use a specially formulated block printing ink, or thickened paint or dye, as it will need to stick to the block before being transferred to the surface on which the print will be made. Alternatively, melted wax can be stamped onto fabric and this will act as a resist to dyes leaving the area covered in wax undyed. If you would like to learn more about lino printing you can buy one of the kits offered here to help you get started.

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Another printing method included here is heat transfer printing which uses paints formulated from disperse dyes. A design is painted onto paper and the image placed face down on the fabric. The back of the paper is ironed to transfer the image. This process can be repeated a number of times before the paint is exhausted.

There is also the fascinating UV light sensitive printing that can be achieved from the Jacquard Solarfast dyes and cyanotype blueprint chemicals. A stencil, such as a film negative, feather or leaf are placed on the treated fabric or paper and exposed to sunshine or another UV light source. Colour develops in the uncovered areas while the covered areas remain undyed.

Other methods of printing include marbling, inkjet printable fabrics and discharge printing with Acid dyes. Screen printing products, which include printing with Diazo Photo Emulsion, screens, screen printing inks and squeegees can be ordered from their own section.

We include a whole category dedicated to printing techniques in our Blog and another section about screen printing techniques.

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