Block & Lino Printing

Printing equipment for making hand made prints. The Speedball Speedy-Carve Blocks can be cut in a similar way to the lino blocks and have the advantage of being flexible. There are also a choice of lino cutters, brayers, and lino blocks.

This section also includes Deka Block Printing Inks, Speedball Block Printing Inks & Daler Rowney Georgian Oil colours which can be combined with the Georgian Oil Block Printing Medium and the System 3 Block Printing Medium which transforms acrylic paints into block inks. Add Speedball Block Printing Ink Extruder to to create subtle transparent shades or Speedball Block Printing Ink Retarder to slow down ink drying time. Both of these help maintain ink viscosity.

Please see also the Screen Printing section for alternative print methods.

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