Selectasine Aluminium Screen Printing Frame A3: 90T yellow mesh


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    Strong and lightweight A3 aluminium screen printing frame with 90T mesh. These sturdy aluminium frames offer schools, colleges, studios and workshops excellent value and durability.

    The screen mesh is made from hardwearing 100% monofilament polyester and has a good tension stability. The 90T mesh is best suited for fine detailed screen printing, such as when using stencils made with photo emulsion, and for thinner inks. As there is 230 mesh per inch in the 90T mesh, it is also better for printing onto paper, board and fine fabrics such as silk. Use with Selectasine screen printing pigments and binders for a variety of print finishes.

    The A3 frame measurements are 345 x 465mm with a printing area of 320 x 440mm.