Selectasine Concentrated Print Paste Thickener - 4 sizes


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Thickener for increasing the viscosity of print pastes, formulated to reduce bleeding and particularly useful for cotton, polycotton, polyester, and other blended fabrics, and when printing on paper.

It is supplied as a high purity Inverse Emulsion of synthetic acrylic co-polymers - the polymer is already in solution therefore thickening by stirring a very small amount into the binder is almost instantaneous. It can be added to Selectasine Binders prior to adding pigments or metallics, or it can be added to premixed printing inks and pastes.

Use in the range 1-2% of thickener to binder, adding slowly and stirring until you achieve the desired viscosity. For very small quantities of thickener you may find it helpful to use a syringe

This product must be used with caution as it will cause irritation to eyes if infected and is harmful to aquatic life. Wash hand thoroughly after use and avoid release to the environment where possible.

Download a PDF of the MSDS (Safety Data Sheet) for Selectasine Thickener

Due to some of the Selectasine products being sensitive to frost, we advise storage under suitable conditions and at temperatures above 5°C