Speedball Screen Printing Inks & Emulsion

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Speedball screen printing inks for fabrics, paper, card, vinyl and wall paper. Design your own custom t-shirt, screen print fabrics for home decoration, create artwork for posters, or teach the printing technique in classrooms or workshops.

These screen printing inks are available in convenient sized 236ml pots as well as larger production size tubs of 944ml in a range of popular colours. Choose from water soluble screen inks for paper and board, acrylic inks for printing on vinyl, or fabric screen printing inks for t-shirt printing and textiles. The screen printing mediums include an extender and transparent base, plus retarder to help slow drying times and increase workability with the inks.

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For larger volumes of screen inks we recommend the Selectasine screen printing system which combines concentrated pigments with binder to create your own screen printing inks or paints. The Selectasine range of screen printing materials are ideal for schools and colleges where the emphasis is on experimentation and creativity.

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Speedball Screen Printing Inks & Emulsion

Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion, 781ml

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