Stencil Making & Emulsions for Screen Printing

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Speedball mediums and materials for making stencils for silk screens including screen filler, drawing fluid and draft film. The Diazo Photo Emulsion is a photographic technique which allows fine detailed printing.  A screen is coated with photo sensitive emulsion and allowed to dry. The stencil is made by placing a “film positive” (i.e. your design printed onto a transparency, or hand drawn onto draftfilm/polydraw using plumtree opaque) on the treated screen, which is then exposed to UV light. Where the light is blocked, which will be your design, the emulsion remains water-soluble and will wash away. The remaining emulsion will have been hardened by the light and act as the stencil (or resist) and the image is printed through the area left clear. Learn more about the Diazo Photo Emulsion technique

Speedball Screen Printing Inks & Emulsion

Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion, 781ml


Screen Printing Accessories

Gummed Paper Tape 48mm x 200m


Discharge Mediums for Screen Printing

Jacquard Screen Ink Discharge Additive – 227ml


Daler Rowney Paper & Board

Oiled Manila Stencil Card

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