Crepe de Chine 14mm Silk Fabric 90cm wide - per metre


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    A 14 momme (60g per metre) Crepe de Chine silk fabric. Natural, undyed for silk painting, dyeing or printing.

    Crepe de Chine is woven from high-twist yarns (with a 'Z' twist on the warp and an 'S' twist on the weft) and degummed after weaving to give a flexible fabric with an excellent drape. The fabric takes colour well from Acid Dyes and silk paints, it is semi-translucent with a high sheen, and has excellent light reflection due to the weave structure. It is probably the most luxurious fabric for making wedding dresses and other special items of clothing.

    This silk fabric is 90cm wide sold by the metre. Where more than one metre is ordered, the fabric will be supplied in one continuous length.