Seacell Fibre Top - 100g


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    Seacell is a very silk-like fibre with a high lustre and cool feel. The Lyocell process permanently preserves the unique properties of seaweed in this Seacell fibre which is made from sustainable seaweed and wood sources. The innovative and eco-friendly production method incorporates dried seaweed powder into the cellulose fibre. This results in a fibre with a silky feel and lustre which can be spun into a beautiful yarn for knitting or weaving.

    This pale cream fibre can be dyed to any colour using Procion MX dyes or Deka L Direct dyes. Worked with a felting needle it can be shaped into 3 dimensional objects such as animals or beads.

    Seaweed is rich in substances that can help to activate cell regeneration, which in turn can help to relieve skin diseases, reduce inflammation and soothe itchiness. Its high level of antioxidants protects the skin against harmful free radicals, which damage our skin cells.