Schacht Mighty Wolf Floor Loom, 90cm - 8 shaft


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    Each loom includes FREE stroller wheels worth £120!

    For the keen weaver with limited space the Mighty Wolf 90cm (35.5") Loom offers advanced capability without any of the weakness or complexity of many folding looms. Wolf looms are simple, strong, portable and light with the ‘feel' of a big floor loom. The looms are built in Maple with an oiled finish and supplied with a 12dpi reed. The 8 shaft loom is illustrated.

    The ‘Stroller Wheels' are unique; the loom lifts onto the wheels when folded. It is then only 46cm deep and easily moved through any doorway. On opening, the loom sits securely on the floor, and the tension is restored. Both the Baby (64cm) and Mighty Wolf (90cm) are supplied by us with FREE Stroller wheels.

    The Jack system gives a good shed and simple tie up. Treadle changes are easy and any combination of harnesses can be raised. The beater height is adjustable and can be locked for easy sleying. The warp beam brake is released from the weaving position, or from the side, while beaming on.

    This 8 shaft loom is also available with just 4 shafts and treadles (the 4 now-4 later option), with the second set of 4 shafts and treadles available to order separately. Please contact us if you would like to know prices

    Please note: this loom is delivered directly from the manufacturer and takes approximately 5-7 weeks. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, do not hesitate to call us on telephone 01483 565800