Ashford SampleIt Loom 16in / 40cm


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    The 16in Ashford SampleIt rigid heddle loom is perfect for beginner weavers, or for experienced weavers to experiment with colours and patterning. It also includes a built-in second heddle option for multishaft weaving.

    The 40cm (16in) weaving width allows you to sample all your favourite rigid heddle patterns, textures and colours, and as it only weighs 1.7 kg (4lb), it is very light and portable.

    The SampleIt is made from beautiful solid natural Silver Beech timber and has strong handles, ratchets and clicker pawls so your warp never unwinds unintentionally.

    The loom is delivered in a neat little cardboard box and requires self-assembly. Included with the loom are a 7.5 dpi (30/10cm) reed, two 46cm (18in) shuttles, a threading hook, warping peg, clamps and a 20 page colour step by step weaving booklet.

    To buy additional reeds for this loom, please see 40cm (16in) Ashford Rigid Heddle Reeds