Dye-Lishus Cotton Fibre Sliver - 100g


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    Dye-Lishus® Cotton Sliver is an undyed, PFD (prepared for dyeing) cotton fibre that has been treated to accept dye colour directly using any dye stuff. The cellulose structure is changed so that it behaves as if scoured and mordanted in preparation for dyeing before it goes to the mill; there is no chemical added to the fibre. There is no need to use fixatives or mordants when dyeing this cotton fibre.

    Hand spin Dye-Lishus® cotton fibre without dyeing it first and then weave or knit the yarn alongside an untreated cotton yarn. The finished cloth can then be dyed with the dye colouring just the handspun Dye-Lishus® yarn. The untreated cotton may stay white or may take on a pale tint, depending on the dye and the concentration. Fabrics made with treated and untreated cotton, will show light and dark.

    Use Procion MX dyes formulated specifically for cotton and other cellulose fibre, or Acid dyes which are commonly used on silk and wool and not cotton! Dye-Lishus® Cotton Sliver will also take colour from direct dyes such as Deka L, H Dupont Steam-fix dyes, food colouring, and naturally occurring dyes such as Ivy, Madder or Oak Bark.

    How to dye it:

    1. Wash the fibre or woven fabric in hot soapy water. Use 1/2 a teaspoon of Synthrapol in 4-5 litres of water for a quick wetting. Then rinse.
    2. Prepare the dye solution. For sliver, use 1/2 or less dye than the dye package instructions suggest, and use 1/4 or less dye for yarn. When dyeing a woven fabric, use as little as 1/8 of the recommended dye.
    3. Add the wetted fibre to the dye bath. Stir and soak for 15 minutes.
    4. Remove from the dye bath, rinse until water is clear and dry!

    There is a pink tint to this cotton sliver which marks that it is different from untreated cotton. The pink will wash out with hot water.

    Our third image shows Dye-Lishs Cotton Sliver dyed with (left to right) Procion MX dye, Safflower natural dye, Acid dye and Brazilwood natural dye. See our Blog post Dyeing Dye-Lishus Cotton Sliver for further information.