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Acid dyes are most suitable for dyeing silk, wool and other protein fibres such as cashmere, fur, camel and some synthetics including nylon. These textile dyes are set using citric acid or distilled vinegar in a hot dyebath, or by using the heat from steam, to make them permanent and washable on fabric, fibres or yarns.

Choose from 14g pots of Jacquard Acid dyes in 40 pre-mixed colours, 50g pots of Fibrecrafts Acid dyes which can be mixed to create any colour, H Dupont Classique liquid dyes (popular with silk painters) or explore these dyes with the Fibrecrafts Acid Dye Kit which contains four colours of dye, tools and instructions. The Blog post Dye Recipes using Acid Dyes explains further how to use these dyes.

The Fibrecrafts Discharge Acid Dyes and Illuminating Acid dyes offer further exploration and experimentation; the dischargeable acid dyes have a low resistance to bleaching and are easily removed from fabric with a discharge paste while the illuminating dyes have a high resistance to bleaching. You can learn more about how to print with discharge dyes from our Blog post.

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