Easels & Stretcher Frames

A selection of the best artist easels for the studio plus portable, fold-up easels for out and about.  There are a range of different sized drawing boards, and stretcher frames for making your own canvases as well as adjustable frames for silk painting and batik work.

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Stretching Water Colour Paper

When you use a lot of water in your watercolour painting and colour washes the paper will warp and wrinkle as it absorbs the excess moisture. It is therefore good practice to stretch the paper before you start work.

There are a number of techniques for stretching your watercolour paper and a huge amount of information can be found on the internet.

You will find useful tools and accessories on this website to assist you. The Derwent Drawing Board is made from waterproof acrylic and can take paper up to A3 in size and there is the Gumstrip which is an acid-free gummed paper tape.