Silk Fabrics

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Luxurious and finely woven undyed silk fabrics, selected for their suitability for silk painting, dyeing and screen printing. The material is sold in one metre lengths and where more than one metre is ordered, the fabric will be supplied in a continuous length. For classrooms and workshops, both Habotai and Pongee are available to order by the roll.

What is a Momme (mm)?

The weight, and therefore thickness, of silk fabrics is classified by the Chinese system of mommes, pronounced mummy (mom-ee), and normally shortened to ‘mm’. The metric equivalent of 1 momme is 4.3g per square metre. A small Pongee scarf (10 mommmes) 28cm by 28cm (10in by 10in) weighs just under 13g. The higher the momme, the heavier the silk.