Fibrecrafts Disperse Dyes 50g


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    Disperse dyes can be used with various techniques and will readily colour synthetics such as polyester, nylon, cellulose acetate, vilene, viscose, synthetic velvets and PVC. The dye can also be used to colour plastic buttons and fastenings. Hot Water Dye: 85ºC for Acetate and 95-100ºC for other synthetics. Polyester needs hotter for longer so may only achieve pastels. Use Heat Transfer paints to achieve full colour on polyester.

    Their effect is less potent on polyester, due to the molecular structure, allowing only pastel through to medium shades. However full colour can be achieved when transfer printing with the dyes

    Disperse dye particles have a tendency to stick together when boiled for a long period. Add a small quantity of Dispersing Agent WS powder to the dye bath to help prevent specks forming on the fabric.

    It is recommended to use spectacles, gloves, dust mask and an apron when handling dyes and chemicals.