Fibrecrafts Fibre Reactive (Procion MX) Dye Kit


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    The Fibrecrafts Fibre Reactive Dye Kit contains everything you need to discover the chemistry of dyeing fibres and fabrics.

    These fibre reactive dyes are also known as Procion MX dyes and are most effective on cellulose fibres such as cotton, linen and viscose but can also be used on silk. As they are a cold water dye, they will not melt the wax when used for batik and other resist techniques. The kit contains sufficient yellow, red, blue dye and toner (black) to dye up to 3kg fibres, yarns or fabrics plus 200g of Soda Ash to set the dye. Also included are 4 x 10ml syringes, 100ml measuring beaker and stirrer plus full instructions.