Fibrecrafts Fibre Reactive Procion MX Dyes 50g


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    Procion MX are a cold water dye and therefore suitable for Batik and resist techniques. This is a fibre reactive dye. When the colour is fixed, it forms a permanent bond with the fabric; the dye molecule combines with the cellulose or protein molecule to become one molecule.

    Mix these concentrated dye powders with cold tap water to produce the best and most permanent colour. Procion MX dye is fixed with soda ash to make it washfast. The soda ash is added directly to the dye bath for submersion dyeing. To prepare fabric for techniques such as Batik, Shibori or Tie Dye, the fabric is soaked in a solution of soda ash, and then dried, before commencing work.

    The Fibrecrafts procion dyes are available in 22 colours in pots of 50g. With careful mixing and degrees of concentration and dilution they extend the range of tones and tints available to cover the complete spectrum of hues.

    Fibre reactive dyes can be kept almost indefinitely as powders in an airtight container. However, under adverse conditions, such as heat and light, they can lose some reactivity and wash fastness. As a solution, the dyes can be kept in the fridge for up to 14 days.

    Typically the quantities of dye range from 0.5gm to 100g of dry material for pale shades and and 4.0g per 100g for deep shades. Soda ash and salt are required for setting the dyes.

    *Please note: The MX dye component to make Brilliant Blue and Bright Turquoise is no longer available. We have provided a substitute for the Turquoise Blue which requires different treatment to the traditional cold water dye method. To achieve full colour, use the same quantity of soda ash to dye, take the dye vat to 50°C and hold for 10 mins. A paler, less concentrated colour will be achieved if dyed using cold water.