Gedeo Crystal Resin - 2 sizes


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    Gedeo Crystal Clear Resin has been trusted by professional and fashion designers for over ten years. This resin has a high transparency and strength and is ideal for mouldings, inclusions, coatings or laminates. Sprinkle in a little Jacquard Pearl-Ex and stir in slowly to create a pearlescent, opaque jewel using the Gedeo silicone jewel mould or choose the Gedeo Coloured Resins to create faux jewells. Kit includes 1 part resin and 2 parts hardener, 2 protective gloves and 2 measuring cups. Clean up with soap and water. Drying time 24 hours.

    The resin dome in our photo has captured seed heads. There are bubbles in this resin because it was poured too quickly into the mould. Stir and pour slowly to prevent air from getting trapped in the mixture.