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Gold leaf is available as either Loose Gold Leaf or Transfer Gold Leaf. Gold bars are first rolled and then beaten repeatedly until the fine gold leaf is approximately 0.00018mm thick.

The Loose Gold Leaf is sold in booklets containing 25 leaves between sheets of thin rouged paper. The leaf is lifted from the pages by by using a special brush called a Gilders Tip. The Gilders Tip is first brushed briefly across the side of the gilder’s face to build up a little grease or static so that the gold leaf attaches itself when it is gently touched with the brush hairs. The gold leaf can then be applied to the prepared surface directly from the Gilders Tip, or transferred to a Gilders Cushion where it can be cut to size with a Gilders Knife. Loose Gold Leaf is best used for water gilding or glass gilding techniques.

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Transfer Gold Leaf, which is also known as Patent Leaf, is the same gold leaf but pressed onto a backing sheet of acid free tissue paper. This gives the gold leaf a little more weight and stability so that it is easier to handle and less likely to blow away in a draft. When the gold leaf comes into contact with a surface prepared with adhesive, it comes away from its paper backing. Transfer Gold Leaf is used for gilding onto flat surfaces such as walls and ceilings, and for calligraphy and illuminating, exterior gilding, and signage.

Please note that orders for Gold Leaf cannot be cancelled or returned under Distance Selling Regulations because the fragile nature of metal leaf does not allow it to be reused.