Glimakra Julia 8 shaft Countermarch Loom


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Free delivery within 5-7 weeks of ordering to UK address. Countermach looms are ideal for people who want the advantages of a floor loom compared to a table loom.

The Julia countermach loom offers Glimåkra quality in a small and easy to place format and is made from carefully selected Swedish natural wood.
It comes with 8 shafts and has a weaving width of 67cm, which is ideal for weaving tablecloth, runners, towels or shawls.

Dimensions: height 130cm, depth 80cm, overall width 78cm (weaving width 67cm) and price includes: Texsolv Heddles, Lease Sticks, Shaft Holders, Warp sticks and a Tie-up kit. Includes 10 dpi reed.