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Welcome to the George Weil Blog FAQs which includes information about the art and craft products sold on this website. There are project ideas, photographs of items created by our customers, product reviews, and step-by-step instructions. See also our USEFUL LINKS page which includes a listing of websites offering information about the products sold on our website, training resources and Guilds.

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Jan Fairbairn-Edwards

Paper Casting by Jan Fairbairn-Edwards

The Goddess Here is a stunning use for Cotton Linters and Abaca pulp. Customer Jan Fairbairn-Edwards created these provocative paper reliefs with this versatile material...
Needle felted sheep dog

Needle Felted Old English Sheepdog

Heather Gardiner sent in these charming photographs of her Old English Sheepdogs, Fernie and Gair. Alongside is the cute little doggie she has needle felted from their hair. Heather told us ‘This was the first I had ever made using...
Handmade books

Handmade Books by Jan Fairbairn-Edwards

Handmade books made by Jan Fairbairn-Edwards, using Lokta papers and handmade, dyed bamboo paper using Deka L dyes in red, old gold and black. The covers are made from Suede Lokta paper. Handmade Lokta paper is available in a large...
dulwich school weaving

Tapestry Weavings from Dulwich College Preparatory School

Sue Noble from Dulwich College Preparatory School sent us these great pictures of weavings made by the 7 to 9 year old boys who attend her popular club. The boys have been very creative using the chunky coloured wool yarns...
Handspun Felted Bag

Hand Spun, Knitted and Felted

Chrissie Shepherd hand crafted this handbag by first hand spinning a selection of dyed merino wool tops (drafting the colours at random to create the variation in colour). She then knitted a rectangle before felting it. Once it was felted...
Choosing a spinning wheel

Choosing a Spinning Wheel

Defining how you will use your Spinning Wheel is the key to a successful choice. The three main pointers are discussed in general terms below. First, decide on how much travelling the spinning wheel will do. Is it being carried...
Schacht Wolf

Choosing a Weaving Loom

The choice of a weaving loom is very personal. Many factors influence the decision and these are discussed in general terms below. Equipment costs and the type of weaving loom has to be considered along with the type of fabric...
Showroom Sign

George Weil Art Shop & Craft Supplies

You can order your art and craft supplies from our website but if you prefer to visit, we are open weekdays between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm and you can find us on the A3100 halfway between Godalming and Guildford...
Knit Stitch

Knitting, the Knit Stitch

Learn How to Knit – The Knit Stitch This basic stitch is also known as the garter stitch. Once you have mastered it, you will be able to knit a scarf, fabric blocks, cushion covers, a bag and more. Many...
Casting Off 1

Knitting, Casting Off

Learn How to Knit – Casting Off This is the method for casting off (also known as binding off) your knitting. It leaves a neat edge which can be threaded up with tassels if desired. Many of the knitting books...
Carol A Randle 1

Mixed Media Textiles by Carol A Randle

These images are taken from scanned postcards given to us by Carole A Randle. The images don’t do the work justice, you would need to hold them in your hands to fully appreciate the workmanship that has been put into...
Different types of spinning wheels

Types of Spinning Wheels

Many types of spinning wheels have developed over the centuries which can produce a yarn efficiently from local fibres. Historically a great many configurations of spinning wheel and flyer have been developed, and some of these are still available from...
Learning how to spin yarn

Beginning Spinning

The transformation of fibre into a yarn is a very satisfying process. Once the techniques have been mastered, it is very gratifying to watch a yarn form on the hand spindle or spinning wheel bobbin. There is an abundance of...
Tablet Weaving Cards 1

Braid Making, the tools

There are a number of techniques that can be used for creating braids. The simplest equipment is the tablet weaving card. Tablet Weaving Tablet weaving (or card weaving) is a method of producing braids, straps, belts, edgings and hair bands...
Rolling polymer clay into a log

Polymer Clay, An Overview

Polymer clay is a highly versatile, non-toxic, modelling material that can be hardened by baking in the home oven. Once baked it is permanent and can be cut, sawn, glued, painted and more. It is sold in a wide range...
How to make a wire loop

Turning a Loop in Wire for Jewellery Making

with Sue Heaser Turning a loop neatly in the end of a piece of wire has many uses in jewellery-making. Here is what you will need: wire – the easiest thickness for beginners to use is between 22 gauge (0.7mm...
Polymer clay bead

Decorated Polymer Clay Bicone Beads

with Sue Heaser Decorating a polymer clay bicone shaped bead with self-made canes, adds to the diversity of bead making techniques. Cane slices give bicone beads a wonderful central swirl to the bead. You will need the following tools and...
Roll a bicone bead from polymer clay

Rolling Bicone Beads from Polymer Clay

with Sue Heaser Bead making is such as satisfying pastime. Working with different combinations of polymer clay and various techniques, you can create your own unique beads. Bicone beads are almost magical to make and only need a little practice...
Polymer Clay Necklace Black White

Bead Making with Polymer Clay, An Overview

Bead makers will delight in the versatility of polymer clays and the speed at which the beads can be crafted. This simple necklace was crafted in less than an hour. A black polymer clay was loosely mixed with a pearlised...
Mixed Media Jewellery

Beads and Embellishment

Susan Bush very kindly brought in these necklaces and butterfly to show us. The bottom necklace has been made using wooden beads and washers covered with fabric scraps. Susan also made this charming bag for her daughter. The remnants of...