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Welcome to the George Weil Blog FAQs which includes information about the art and craft products sold on this website. There are project ideas, photographs of items created by our customers, product reviews, and step-by-step instructions. See also our USEFUL LINKS page which includes a listing of websites offering information about the products sold on our website, training resources and Guilds.

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The Team 082017

Moving Onward and Upward

Wishing Liam (the tall one!) every success and happiness in his new job. All of us at George Weil will miss you. Liam has been working with us for a couple of years now and as much as we would...
Sophie Showroom

Following in Grandpa’s Footsteps

Did you know that Doctor Ian Bowers, Managing Director of George Weil & Sons Ltd, has run the business since it merged with Fibrecrafts, over 20 years ago? Fibrecrafts was set up in 1982 by Anna Bowers, to offer textile...
Yvonne Arnaud Exhibition 2017 1

Yvonne Arnaud Art Exhibition 2017

George Weil are pleased to have been able to support the 2017 Yvonne Arnaud Art Exhibition as a patron. The event featured 25 artists including works in oils, acrylics, pastels – and cement! Plus photographs on aluminum, sculptures and ceramics...
Conte pastels

A Close-up of Conte a Paris Crayons

Conte a Paris Crayons are square ‘carre’ sticks which are made using a combination of pigments, clay and binder. They are harder than pastels and charcoal, and can be applied with the corner for fine lines and the flat edge...
Kyra Work Experience

Welcome to Kyra from George Weil

Kyra has joined us for work experience this week where she’s learning the in’s and out’s of how a business is run. Today Kyra has learnt about the steps for how orders are processed and packaged, as well as how...
Toe Nail Art

Nail Art with Pearl Ex Pigment Powders

Jacquard Pearl Ex pigment powders are made from fine particles of glistening mica.  The varying sizes of the coloured particles produce pearlescent and metallic effects. These ultra fine powders can be combined with any viscous material such as glue, paint, resin, varnish...
Use Milliput to repair Terracotta

Mending and Hanging Terracotta Pots with Milliput Epoxy Putty

What is Milliput? Milliput epoxy putty is used to repair damaged metals, glass, concrete, plastics, brick, cement and wood, and in places where welding is impractical. This malleable putty is also very popular with model makers for its work-ability and smooth finish...
Design of play card traced onto canvas using Imagetrace

Acrylic Painting: help from a Scanner, Photoshop & Imagetrace Paper

I decided to paint my son and his fiance a painting to mark their engagement. The design needed to be personal to them, and to appeal to their “alternative tastes”. I chose to paint three playing cards, the Queen of...
Cara March 2017

A New Member of the Team at George Weil

Say hello to Cara! Cara recently joined the team here at George Weil, and a great addition she is! Cara carefully weighs, measures and packs your art and craft materials in our warehouse, ensuring you always receive exactly what you’ve ordered. She is...
Coloured pencil review

A Comparison Between Coloured Pencils

Why so many Coloured Pencils? We are often asked why we carry such a large range of coloured pencils. But what is the difference anyway? Here is a quick review of 8 of our most popular pencils, which we hope...
Derwent Inktense Blocks

Painting with Derwent Inktense Blocks & Pencils

These water soluble drawing blocks and pencils can be use in countless different ways to create colourful artwork. Just add water to Derwent Inktense Blocks or Pencils to produce deep and vibrant permanent, waterproof ink colours on paper or fabric...
Dyeing Course Scotland

Natural Dyeing & Felt Making Courses in Scotland

Wild Rose Escapes run craft, wild cookery and relaxation holidays and courses in the heart of the Highlands of Scotland. Their courses include natural dyeing and felt making. We invited owner Rosie to tell us a little more about their...
Speedball speedy block

Speedball Speedy Carve Block for Printing & Texture

The Speedy Carve block is made from smooth and flexible rubber. It cuts easily with lino cutter blades and does not crumble, making it ideal for creating detailed prints. The latex free rubber also stops the block from slipping around while it...
Artists Brushes

Help in choosing the right Artist Brushes for Painting

There are a huge range of artist brushes available from the George Weil website and showroom. When choosing a brush you need to consider the type of paint you will be using, plus the amount of ‘spring’ required. The spring of...
Tie Dyed Onsies

Tie-dyeing using Jacquard Procion MX dyes

Professional Nannies Cara and Kim arranged this fun tie-dyeing Summer Holiday activity to entertain the children they look after. These cotton onesies were dyed by the children themselves. Tie-dyeing is a resist dyeing method. The dye is prevented from reaching...
Sun Print Paints

Sun Prints with Transparent Fabric Paints – Tried & Tested

Transparent fabric paints are very effective when used to create sun prints. Here we demonstrate prints made using Jacquard Dye-na-flow and Deka Silk paints in the evening sunshine using leaves as the mask. Creating the Sun Print First make the fabric...
Cyanotype Printing

Sun Prints with Cyanotype Chemicals – Tried & Tested

The glorious sunshine has given me a chance to use the Fibrecrafts Cyanotype Blue Printing Kit. Include in the kit are enough chemicals to make up to 1 litre of solution, a 1/2 metre each of silk and cotton fabric...
Mini Loom Comb Beater

Learning Basic Weaving Techniques

For many people the idea of buying a loom, then weaving on it sounds complicated and confusing. Something perhaps best left to professionals and textile artists? This is how I felt whenever I contemplated the practical use of heddles, warp and...
Lamp Lit

Lampshade Decorated with Skeleton Leaves

Here’s a quick fix for a plain and boring lampshade. These lampshades were bought from a well-known bargain value high street store, and we have made them more interesting by decorating them with skeleton leaves. The skeleton leaves are available from the...
Christmas Jumpers 1 1

Christmas 2015 at George Weil

A great atmosphere here today at George Weil as we share ginger bread men, wear Christmas jumpers and surprise each other with a Secret Santa. Here are some of the staff enjoying the Christmas 2015 festivities Left to right are:...