Heat-bondable Angelina Fibres 25g


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    25g bags of 15 denier heat-bondable glistening Angelina fibres. The colours are shimmering and highly reflective - adding a new dimension to embroidery, spinning, papermaking, card making, scrap booking and felting. They are very difficult to photograph and their true reflective qualities need to be seen.

    Angelina fibres can be fused together to make a flat sheet to cut or work into. Simply place fibre between baking parchment and iron. Keep the heat on long enough for the fibres to fuse together (which isn't long) to create a luminescent web of non-woven fabric.

    The soft and lightweight synthetic Angelina fibres can be spun with wool to produce a soft, shimmering yarn.

    Illustration shows a pretty, delicate cup made from a mould containing boiling water, a stitched card and a paper cone that has been created by sprinkling a small number of dried flower petals between two thin layers of Angelina fibre. Sold in 25g bags.