Imagetrace Pure Graphite Tracing Paper - Black


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    Imagetrace is a wax-free tracing paper with a pure graphite coating on one side for transferring designs onto canvas, paper, lino blocks, pottery, fabric and more. You can transfer an image from a sketch, photocopy, magazine image, or even a colouring book!

    To transfer the design, place the graphite side face down onto your chosen substrate. Next, you need to place your sketch face up over the Imagetrace paper and align it to where you want it to transfer. Securing the sketch in place with a couple of pieces of adhesive tape will help to prevent it from moving.

    Trace around the lines of your design using a pencil, biro or stylus, Remember to apply a little pressure to ensure the image transfers clearly.

    Pack of 5 black sheets available in A4 or A3