Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow - 70ml


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    Dye-na-flow is a free flowing concentrated liquid colour for all fabrics, natural and synthetic.

    This fabric paint covers, flows and blends simulating a true dye on all untreated fabrics, leaving the fabric with a soft feel. It can be used for silk painting, batik, tie dyeing, watercolour and airbrushing. To ensure colourfastness in both washing and dry cleaning, allow to dry on fabric then iron-set on reverse for 3 minutes. If heat setting isn't practical for your project, the Dye-na-flow paint can also be set with Jacquard Airfix.

    Jacquard Dye-na-flow paints can also be used for sun printing. Dampen your fabric with water, paint over with the Dye-na-flow and lay stencils over the piece before it dries out. Lay the painted, damp fabric out in the sun and the areas covered with the stencil will magically 'bleach' out to leave an image.

    Use Dye-na-flow to stain wood, paint on paper, canvas, leather, suede, clay and more.