Jacquard Procion MX Dyes 18g


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    Jacquard Procion MX dyes are prepared colour mixes which save time and ensure colour consistency when dyeing. This is a fibre reactive dye. When the colour is fixed, it forms a permanent bond with the fabric; the dye molecule combines with the cellulose or protein molecule to become one molecule.

    Mix these concentrated dye powders with cold tap water to produce the best and most permanent colour on cellulose fabrics including cotton, linen (flax), bamboo, rayon and viscose. Procion MX dye is fixed with soda ash to make it washfast. The soda ash is added directly to the dye bath for submersion dyeing. To prepare fabric for techniques such as Batik, Shibori or Tie Dye, the fabric is soaked in a solution of soda ash, and then dried, before commencing work.

    The dyes can also be used for silk although the soda ash can dull the lustre of the fabric. It is recommended that Acid dyes are used for these fabrics.

    Typically, one 18g pot will dye more than 0.45kg of dry fabric. Increase the dye to weight to achieve brighter, stronger colours or reduce the amount of dye to achieve paler, pastel colours.

    Colours marked with an asterisk are Pure / Standardised colours