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Batik involves applying a pattern or image with a stamp, brush or tjanting using melted wax to fabric or paper. The wax works as a resist preventing the waxed area from absorbing paint or dye. Layers can be built up using different colours to create complex patterning.

The thermostatically controlled Tixor Wax Melting Pot is highly recommended as a safe method for melting wax for batik. Alternatively, the Cold Liquid Wax can be used direct from the pot.

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We include here the Batik Explorer Pack which contains 200g wax granules, 10g each of black, red, blue and yellow Procion MX dye, 50g soda ash for setting the dyes, 150cm x 100cm of white cotton fabric, a 2mm Java Tjanting and instructions. Here are also a number of dye kits which include instructions and dyestuff for dyeing with Indigo and fibre reactive Procion MX Dyes.

The full range of Batik tools, fabric dyes (including Procion MX cold water dyes), silk and cotton fabrics, and batik waxes can be found in Crafts > Batik >

George Weil supply a choice of undyed silk fabrics which are sold as ready-made scarves, in metre lengths from the bolt, or as a whole roll. Pongee is a lightweight finely woven silk fabric. It is slightly translucent with a reflective sheen. Habotai is a slightly heavier, more opaque silk but shares the same smooth finish as Pongee. Both fabrics are ideal for Batik, Shibori and Silk Painting techniques.

The Java cottons Prima and Primissima both have a smooth surface which is ideal for detailed patterning techniques. The weave is a little more open on the Prima cotton lawn. Where detail is less of a consideration, the bleached Calico Cotton is a good option for experimentation. This more economical cotton fabric is available in 150cm wide metre lengths or as a 90cm wide, 50 metre roll and ideal for classrooms and workshops. Please see Materials > Fabrics > for more choices.

If you would like to know more about the history of Batik and how different techniques can be applied, you may wish to visit the Batik Guild website for further information.

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