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Calligraphy is the art of decorative lettering for manuscripts and artwork. This beautiful penmanship can be used to hand write invitations for special events such as a wedding or to personalise achievement certificates. The intricate Chinese and Arabic lettering lend themselves well to this art of writing.

Calligraphy is often also used in mixed media artwork and the choice of ink colours allow for full creativity. The calligrapher may choose to use a pen and nib, a paint brush or a fibre-tip pen. Other tools such as a ruling pen can be used to creating fine lines and borders.

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Get started with this choice of calligraphy pens sets which include handles and interchangeable nibs, plus fibre-tipped pens in different widths.

A selection of papers, Indian ink and coloured inks, a choice of replacement nibs and pen holders, plus the Automatic Calligraphy Pens which can be used at any angle, can be found in Crafts > Calligraphy >

The handmade bamboo Reed Pens and Chinese Goat Hair brushes offer further options for the artist.

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