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Pack of Charcoals in different thicknesses and grades for sketching plus the tinted drawing pencils from Derwent. Choose from compressed charcoal or willow charcoal sticks for creating sketches and drawing. Charcoal leaves a very dark line which tends to smudge and can be blended easily. A fixative is recommended to preserve finished charcoal drawings.

Derwent Charcoal pencils, and other carbon pencils, incorporate this popular drawing material compressed and as a core for the wooden casing.

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Some tips for using charcoals:

1. Place a clean sheet of paper between your hand and your drawing to help prevent smudging.
2. Blend with your finger or a paper stump to soften marks.
3. Remove unwanted marks with a putty eraser (also known as a kneaded eraser) – these erasers offer a less crumbly replacement for the traditional method of using rolled bread!
4. Highlights can be added to your drawing by removing charcoal using the edge of your eraser or combine charcoals with white conte crayons to create contrast.
5. Use an embossing tool to create indents on the surface of the paper. The grooves will remain charcoal free making this an effective method of adding detail such as the veins on a leaf.
6. Use charcoal to create preliminary drawings for painting in oil or acrylics. Spray with a workable fixative, allow to dry, and paint.
7. There are a range of papers which offer a good ‘tooth’ for grabbing charcoal marks. A quality cartridge paper is ideal

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