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Packs of drawing inks containing a selection of colours for choice and value. Inks can be applied using either a brush, dip pen or air-brush on most surfaces.

The water resistant Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks are formulated from soluble dyes dispersed in a shellac solution. The brilliant colours can be intermixed to create further colours and the dried inks allow additional layering of colour. Both the Henry Collection Drawing Ink Pack and the William Collection Drawing Ink Pack contain 7 x 14ml bottles of coloured inks plus one 14ml bottle of Indian Black Ink.

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The Daler Rowney FW Artist Acrylic Inks are also water resistant and can be watered down to create washes similar to watercolours. Each of the sets contain 6 x 29.5ml bottles of coloured ink in either primaries or shimmering tones. The FW Pearlescent Inks contain larger particle sizes and are therefore not suitable for air brush and technical pen application. These acrylic based inks are best applied using a dip pen, ruling pen or brush and can be used on surfaces such as wood and leather in addition to paper or board. They are water resistant and available in 22 colours. The ink set featured here contains 6 colours in 29.5ml bottles.

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