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The Fibrecrafts Dye Kits have been sold to and enjoyed by many of our customers for over 30 years. Each dye kit includes dyes and instructions for dyeing the materials of your choice.

When planning to dye any material it is important to ensure that the item is Prepared for Dyeing. This means removing any starch, grease or dirt that may be on the surface of the fabric, yarn or fibre as this may prevent the dye colours from being properly absorbed. The concentrated Synthrapol is ideal for removing soiling as it does not leave the residue that commercial washing powders may leave.

Another consideration when dyeing is that not all of the dye will become fixed to the fabric or yarn. As long as the correct process has been observed (including the method for fixing the dye) the colour should then be permanent. Excess dye colour should be rinsed out after the dye has been set. Synthrapol is effective for rinsing out this superfluous dyestuff, ensuring colours will not later bleed when being worn or washed. Use half a teaspoon of Synthrapol to 5 litres of water and then rinse well until water is clear. 

The ancient Indigo dye can be used to colour any natural fabric to the familiar shades of denim blue, while the Natural dyes will create a variety of colours depending on the mordant used and the chosen substrate. Procion Dyes (fibre reactive dyes) are best used on cellulose fibres such as those derived from plants while Acid Dyes will give the most vibrant results on protein fibres such as wool and silk.

The Jacquard Tie-Dye Kit and the Jacquard Classroom Packs contain dyes, tools and instructions so that a number of participants can be included in learning about and enjoying the craft of hand dyeing.

You can find out more about these dyes and the methods for using them in a number of our Blog Posts.

Please note that materials with mixed fibre content may not dye to the same uniform colour. For example, polyester thread on a cotton t-shirt will absorb colour in different ways. Always check garment labels before dyeing fabrics.

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