Fabric Painting

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The Class Packs and Exciter Kits from Jacquard allow for shared art and craft activities. Jacquard manufacture a large range of textile paints and dyes including the fluid Dye-na-Flow paint which simulates a dye and provides excellent coverage on most fabrics plus other surfaces. The thicker Lumiere paints contain shimmering particles and can be used to paint knitwear and Lycra without cracking. Neopaque provides opaque textile paint for dark coloured fabrics. Due to the choice of glistening, opaque colours, ease of use and quality of these paints, Jacquard products are very popular with theatre, dance and film companies and are used extensively for costume design.

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The Pentel Arts Fabric Fun Dye Sticks provide a simple, low-mess method of decorating fabrics and are ideal for personalising cotton t-shirts or school bags.

The full range of Jacquard fabric paints, plus Deka craft paints, can be browsed in Crafts > Fabric Paints >

Fabric paints are pigments suspended in an acrylic-based binder which can be made permanent on the fabric when heat set with a domestic iron. Most heat set fabric paints will withstand washing at 40°C. The handle of painted fabric is slightly stiffer as the paint sits on the surface. Due to heavier load of pigment the colours tend to be opaque and can be used on dark coloured fabrics.

The specially formulated Deka Silk Paints, Javana Silk Paints and Jacquard Dye-na-Flow are more fluid in nature and therefore less opaque. They are better suited to finely woven natural fabrics such as silk and cotton and when heat set with an iron leave fabrics more fluid than the thicker fabric paints.

Choosing to paint silk fabric with dyes instead of paints will ensure that the drape and handle of the fabric is not impaired. The H Dupont Silk dyes need to be fixed to the fabric using the heat from steam.

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