Fibrecrafts Needle Felting Explorer Pack


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Traditional felt is created by tangling fibres, wetted with soapy water, until they mat together to form a fabric. The fibres can be laid flat on a surface or molded around a former such as a hatshaper or bubble wrapped cardboard. Felting needles can be used to attach fibres to the surface of felt or to sculpt fibres into 3d shapes. The barbs along the length of the needle hook the fibres back on each other causing them to tangle. All sorts of fibres can be felted effectively with this method

This kit contains:

  • Merino Prefelt Fabric (50cm x 120cm)
  • 10 x 25 gauge Felting Needles
  • 100g natural Merino Wool Tops
  • 4 x 100g Merino Wool Tops in different colours
  • 10g hand-dyed Wensleydale Wool
  • Needle Holder
  • Instructions to get you started

Our photo shows an example of what can be achieved using a felting needle. The hairs on Santas face and fur trim have been added using a felting needle. His body was felted in a washing machine but could easily have been shaped using a needle