Fibrecrafts Batik Explorer Kit


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    Batik is an ancient method of creating patterns on cloth or paper. It is a resist technique which uses melted wax or other barriers such as flour or starch. The resist prevents paint and dye from penetrating the fabric. Hot or liquid wax can applied by using a tjanting (or canting), sticks, wooden stamps or brushes or by dripping it onto the surface.

    You can learn much more about batik from the Fibrecrafts Batik Explorer Kit which includes:

    • Java Tjanting with 2mm spout
    • 200g wax granules (50/50 mix of beeswax and paraffin)
    • 10g each red, yellow, blue and black Fibrecrafts Procion MX fibre reactive dye
    • 50g soda ash
    • 100 x 150cm undyed cotton fabric
    • Instructions