Modelling Tools

Sets of tools for working with clays including a large choice of cutter shapes.

There are a huge choice of modelling tools available to order from George Weil. The tools used for Art Clay Silver Clay are generally specific for that medium. They have been chosen to ensure that there is little wastage when working with this precious metal clay. For example, the clay roller has a smooth, non-stick surface and the Makin’s Professional Clay Extruder has been selected because it has a short barrel length to avoid wastage and comes with an air-tight end cap and water crystal designed to help keep the silver clay from drying out. The tiny Kemper cutters are just 5mm wide and have a spring plunger built into them to so that the cut-out shape does not get stuck inside the cutter. The cutters are available in four designs; heart-shape, circle, 5 petal flower, and tear-drop, or they can be ordered as a set of four.

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