Clay Extruder Sets

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Clay can be shaped and modelled by hand or with a roller on a flat surface. It is however very difficult to create the uniform lengths of clay needed for creating the complex millefiori canes from polymer clay. Clay extruders offer the solution to this problem and the Makin’s Extruders make light work of this process.

The clay is first conditioned to make it soft and flexible. If you do not do this first the extruded clay cane will have small cracks along the surface. The clay is then placed inside the barrel and push through a die with the plunger by turning the t-bar handle. Each of the extruders come with an assortment of die discs so that different shapes can be extruded. There are also core discs which can be added to the extruder which allow you to extruded hollow tubes of clay.

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The Makin’s Professional Clay Extruder has been designed specifically for use with precious metal silver clays. Its shorter barrel length means there is less wastage and it has an air-tight end cap and water crystal to help keep the clay from drying out.

Cleaning Your Clay Extruder

A residue of clay may remain at the ends of the barrel and on the die discs. This must be removed if you are changing the colour of the clay you are working with or if you having finished working with your extruder for the day. You can remove the clay residue by dabbing it with a piece of discarded clay and then finish it off with a wet-wipe.

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