Shape Cutter Sets

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The Makin’s cutter sets provide a cutter for every conceivable shape you would ever need. Many of the cutter sets feature the same design in three different sizes and include flower shapes, animal shapes, letter shapes and geometric shapes. There are also holiday themed cutter which include festive Christmas shapes and Easter shapes. The tins of Makin’s cutters offer great value and variety and hours of clay fun for children as well as adults!

The items here can also be used as cookie cutters or for sugar craft, however do not use them for food it they have first been used with clays. For jewellery makers working in fine detail, we offer the 5mm wide Kemper cutters which have a spring plunger built into them to so that cut-out shapes do not get stuck inside the cutter. The four designs include a heart-shape, a circle, a 5 petal flower, and a tear-drop and they can be ordered as a set of four.

The full range of cutter shapes offered on the George Weil website can be found at Tools > Modelling >

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