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Block printing or relief printing involves creating a design which can then be cut out in relief from a surface such as box wood, lino or even a potato. The cut out stamp or block is then inked before being pressed onto the chosen surface to transfer the design.

The selection of starter sets below include a choice of block ink colours for fabric and other substrates plus a range of lino cutters and spare blades. A larger choice of printing inks, uncut lino blocks, Speedball Speedy Stamps and tools can be found in Crafts > Printing >

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The Cyanotype Blue Printing Kit is very popular. Prints are created by treating paper or fabric with the chemicals (Potassium Ferricyanide and Ferric Ammonium Citrate) and leaving it in the dark to dry out. An object, such as a stencil, negative, feather or leaf is placed on the material and exposed to sun light or another UV light source. The material is then rinsed in water and an image of the object appears on a blue background.

The Jacquard Ink Jet fabrics can be used for printing photographs, texts and images onto fabric. These prints can be used in mixed media designs, for art quilts or appliqué.

Printing techniques allow you to easily make duplicate copies of a design. Printing blocks or lino blocks can be used to decorate fabrics for home furnishings such as curtains, quilt covers and pillow cases. Designs can be repeated on furniture, stationery and clothing, and the flexible Speedy Stamp can even be used to print on curved objects such as plant pots.

A work of art can be cut out from lino and the artist can produce a limited set of prints from it, enabling them to sell their designs to a larger audience than if they had produced the work just the once.

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