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The Speedball Screen printing kits include inks, printing screens, a squeegee and instructions to teach you all about screen printing. The Fabric Screen Printing Kit contains inks that are permanent on fabric once heat-set with an iron. With the addition of a stencil and a great design, you will be creating your own personalised t-shirts in no time at all! The Paper Screen Printing Kit contains the same tools although the inks are formulated for paper and board. Prints can be used to create the artwork for invitations, posters, a limited runs of art prints.

It is better to keep designs simple to begin with as the design will need to be cut out and made into a paper stencil. The stencil is placed on top of the paper or fabric to be printed.

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A printing screen is a wooden or metal frame which has a fine mesh fabric pulled taut across it. The frame is positioned with the screen mesh face down and over the stencil and print area. Ink is then poured into one end of the screen and the blade of the squeegee is used to draw the ink down the length of the mesh and over the stencil.

The areas of the paper or fabric not covered by the stencil will received the ink through the screen mesh while those that are covered by the stencil will remain unprinted.

The Diazo Photo Emulsion Kits allow you to create a stencil directly on the screen. The screen is coated with photo emulsion and when dry the stencil is made by placing a film positive onto the treated screen. This film positive can be made from a photograph or hand drawn onto a transparency or draft film using a highly opaque medium such as plumtree opaque. The screen is exposed to UV light which will harden the photo emulsion to block parts of the mesh and create the stencil. The emulsion in the areas of the design that are not exposed to light remains water-soluble and is rinsed away. This method allows for fine detail stencils to be created and therefore finely detailed prints.

In addition to the Speedball Screen Printing Inks, the Selectasine Screen Printing System offers the printer a choice of colour pigments and binders for creating their own screen inks and paints. The pigments include premium colours, luminous colours and metallic and the range of binders, which can be used for machine washable prints, include a puff binder and an opaque binder for use on dark coloured fabrics.

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