Speedball Screen Printing Intermediate Kit


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    The Speedball Intermediate Screen Printing Kit is an excellent value kit for learning the methods of screen printing using drawing fluid, screen filler or diazo photo emulsion. This screen printing kit includes:

    • 25 x 35.5cm (10 x 14") wooden printing screen
    • double edged Red Baron squeegee which has one side for fabric printing and the other for paper
    • 2 x 114ml jars of Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink (1 each red and black)
    • 114ml bottle of Speedball Drawing Fluid
    • 114ml bottle of Speedball Screen Filler
    • 114ml bottle of Speedball Speed Clean
    • 94ml bottle of Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion
    • bottle of Speedball Diazo sensitizer
    • 114ml bottle of Speedball Photo Emulsion Remover
    • Paint Brush
    • 2 mixing sticks
    • A booklet containing full instructions