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George Weil supply kits and accessories for hand spinners. These will satisfy the student hand spinner who is looking for the essentials to explore their interest. The Fibrecrafts kits include a hand spindle, fibres and instructions for beginning to learn how to create yarn. Then there are kits for the more experienced hand spinner to convert and upgrade their spinning wheel for custom spinning of exotic yarns and fibres.

The Ashford Handicrafts and Louet spinning items featured in this section are a small selection of the Spinning and Weaving tools stocked by George Weil. If you are unable to find an item from these manufacturers on this website, please do contact us as we are able to order in any of the products from their range.

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The full range of spinning wheels and accessories can be found at Crafts > Spinning > as can a large choice of wool, silk and plant fibres. The white and coloured fibres from sheep, alpaca, as well as Mohair from the Angora Goat, and many forms of silk fibre can be hand spun to a yarn, hanked using a niddy noddy and dyed using a number of techniques which can also be learnt either from a book, the George Weil Blog or a guild. The spinner/dyer can take the finished yarn to create a garment to be proud of by knitting or crocheting the yarn or by weaving into a length of fabric on a loom.

If you would like to know more on how to begin Spinning, there are a choice of books in the Book Shop. The books offered in the George Weil Book Shop are written by skilled and experienced crafts people and generally include photographs or illustrations alongside the step-by-step instructions. If you do find that this is a difficult way to learn more about the craft of hand spinning, we recommend contacting a guild. The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers exists to support individuals interested in learning more and continuing these traditional crafts techniques. The website contains contact information for your local guild, a calendar of events, course details and information about their popular Summer School.

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