Watercolour Paints

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The Daler Rowney Artists’ Water colours are offered in these convenient sets. The rich colours combine the best quality pigments in an aqueous solution of gum Arabic and due to their precise formulation they do not leave hard lines at the edge of a wash. The Cotman Water Colours from Winsor & Newton offer sets containing tubes, pans or half pans ranging from 6 colours through to 24 colours in the half pan Studio Set. These artist quality paints have good transparency, excellent tinting strength and good working properties. Included here are also the fine St Petersburg White Nights Watercolours which come all the way from their manufacturer in Russia.

The student quality Koh-I-Noor Watercolour sets from the Czech Republic, the Daler Rowney Simply Watercolour set and the Pentel Arts set provide excellent value for the learner artist.  While illustrators and graphic artists may prefer the highly pigmented Gouache paints to the more transparent colours from watercolour paints.

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Watercolour Mediums

There are a choice of mediums that can be used with watercolour paints to achieve different effects. Masking fluid, which forms a water repelling film, can be used to isolate part of a painting or the paper and can be easily removed with an eraser when it is no longer required. Ox Gall Fluid will help to improve the flow of the watercolour paint and increase wetting, while the tremendously versatile Gum Arabic (which is sold in solution) can be utilised to improve and control flow, increase glossiness and transparency, and impede drying.

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