Louet Delta Floor Loom, 130cm - 12 shaft


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    The Delta 130cm (51") loom comes with 12 shafts and many advanced features for weaving quality and efficiency. It is only 100cm deep and beautifully made giving big loom performance from a small floor space. When not in use the warp beams fold against the main frame. The sprung front beam allows the shed to open to 8cm, even with inelastic warps. With the sprung beam, the warp tension remains constant between each advance of the warp and through weaving.

    The parallel countermarch shed uses Texsolv, plus micro adjusters making tie-up changes extremely simple. Every treadle is tied to every shaft, making for an easy treadle set-up. With the parallel shaft attachment all treadles work the same way to give a constant shed. The beater adjusts for height and level. It is supplied with a 10 dpi stainless steel reed (40 dents per 10cm), 1400 x 330mm long Texsolv heddles, lease and tie-up sticks, sixteen warp sticks, and a built in raddle which is why the Delta is delivered partially pre-assembled. The castle section is one unit with the remaining warp beams, treadles, cloth guard, cloth beam, etc. coming in several separate boxes. Assembly of these pieces is required. Bench not included.

    Dimensions: height 128cm, depth 100cm, width 160cm

    Please note: these premium looms are delivered directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 12 weeks for delivery. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, do not hesitate to call us on telephone 01483 565800.