Louet Junior Standard Drum Carder - 72 tpi Fine


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    The Louet Junior Standard Drum Carder. These robust drum carders have a medium clothing for making light work of preparing fleece and blending fibre for spinning or feltmaking. The drum is 10cm wide, includes two table clamps and one doffer. The junior drum carders require little effort to use due to their small size. 72 tpi

    The fibres are fed a small amount at a time into the drum carder from the top, taking care not to feed in too much at a time. When the depth of the combs are covered and the turning of the handle becomes heavier, stop adding fibres.

    To remove the batt, run a doffer pin (or a knitting needle) under the fibres and along the seam of the drum. Carefully lift away the fibres, slowly turning the drum in the opposite direction.

    The drum carder has a hard white coating which is easy to wipe clean and gives the drum carder a modern, contemporary look and feel.

    Download a PDF of how to use this Louet drum carder

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