Adhesives & Tape

A large variety of glues and adhesive tapes brought together in one place so that you can order the most suitable product for the job in hand. There are PVA glues ideal for paper crafts and glue sticks which provide a clean and neat method of application, plus stronger superglues for the more permanent, instant bonding of less porous materials such as plastic, rubber and metal.

You can also buy the versatile Studio Gum (previously known as Cow Gum) which is useful for mounting artwork and photographs because the rubber solution allows for repositioning, plus 3M Spray Mount which has a delayed drying time so that it too allows for the repositioning of glued objects.

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The range of adhesive tapes include brown paper masking tapes, low tack masking tapes which are ideal for use on sensitive materials, and double sided sticky tapes. While other useful adhesives include the cellulose based CMC powder which can be made into a solution for book binding, papier mache and silk papermaking and has excellent archival properties, and the 90cm wide adhesive webbing of Bondaweb works the same way as wonderweb and incorporates a greaseproof backing paper.

Precision Glueing? The Pin Point Syringe Kit includes 2 syringes and 3 sizes of extra fine stainless steel needles for miniature applications with glues, liquid clays etc.

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