Clay, Plaster & Resins

A large assortment of different clays and materials for sculpting, modelling and making into jewellery. There are polymer clays which remain soft and maleable until they are baked in a domestic oven, non-drying clays for animation and design projects, magical silver clays which turn into pure silver when fired, plus resins, epoxy putty, plaster of paris, cork clay and air-dry clays.

The Sculpey range of oven bake polymer clays include the large Artist/Teacher bulk packs of Super Sculpey which is popular with sculptors and animators and provides 3.6kg of clay for studios, workshops or classrooms. You can also buy Premo Sculpey and Fimo which are available in a large selection of colours and are ideal for making jewellery and doll house miniatures. A selection of clay softeners, varnishes and glues complete the range.

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Here you can order from the full range of precious Art Clay Silver clays which will also appeal to jewellery makers and doll house enthusiasts. When it is fired, the binder burns away to leave 99.99% pure silver which can be hallmarked at an assay office.

Other clays included here are Makins, Newclay and DAS air-dry clays and Modroc which do not need to be baked, plus Plaster of Paris Moulding Powder which sets hard within 72 hours, plus Milliput Epoxy Putty which can be used to repair and restore many types of materials including metals and masonry and will even set under water!

The Gedeo resins can be ordered in a choice of colours including clear, and there are a selection of silicone mould making compounds for creating flexible moulds for your modelling medium.

The full range of model making tools are available to buy from the Tools section. They include cutting mats, rollers, sculpting tools, craft knives, shape cutters, silicone moulds and firing equipment plus a range of jewellery making tools including bead rollers, mandrels and burnishers.

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