Cold Liquid Batik Wax - 500ml


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    Liquid wax for Batik work is used straight from the jar and can be applied with a brush, tjanting or roller. It acts as a resist to stop dyes and paints absorbing into the areas of the fabric or paper that have been masked off with the wax.

    It helps to stretch fabric taut over a frame to allow the resist to sink through to the other side of the material. When the wax has set on the fabric it can be painted over with the paint or dye. Fix the dye (see how to use Procion MX dyes) or paint in the usual way and then wash the fabric in warm water with a mild detergent to remove the wax. Note that if you are using an iron-fix paint that the paint should be allowed to dry fully before heat setting it between sheets of absorbent paper or cotton fabric. Heat set the paint in a well ventilated room and take care not to inhale fumes.